FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions...

Questions about ordering

How quickly is the order processed? Is the order on Saturday or Sunday a problem?

The order is carried out immediately (24h/day) - immediately after verification of payment made through Przelewy24 or PayPal. The service verifies the payment, and after this verification, the order is carried out. If the order time is longer (which is very rare in the case of automatic payments), you can always contact us to speed up the execution.

What is delivered after the order? How is it delivered?

The order includes the product in electronic form. Files and instructions are sent, which shows how to activate the program to a licensed version. The data are sent to the e-mail address given in the order form; additionally, after payment and verification, a website with a summary of the entire order and instructions is also displayed.

How to order a license?

Automatic orders are made in the "License" website, a full range Refer to the table (pricing), by clicking on the price (adequate to the site), the user is asked to provide the data.

Can I order the program by bank transfer?

Yes - it is possible, just contact (contact tab on the menu page or contact details in the upper right corner) and place an order stating your data.

Account number to make payments:

IBAN:   PL14114020040000350272980273


In the title must indicate the name of the ordered licenses.

Questions about activation

How to activate the program?

To activate the software, you must place your order. The contract includes product in electronic form. The file is sent and an instruction that shows step by step how to activate the software to a licensed version. The information is sent to the e-mail address provided in the form of the order. After payment and its verification, a web page is also displayed with a summary of the whole order and instructions.

I can not activate the program ... Did I do something wrong?

Activation problems arise most often for the following reasons:

  1. Too fast trying to activate without a thorough read the instructions
  2. Incorrect file names (suffixes numbers assigned automatically when you download), one of the files may be renamed during automatic activation (license file). If a problem is a problem, we recommend that you delete files that have similar names (or clean up after them)
  3. No installation required package. In the manual is always a package that must be installed, it is not a demo package from or package that may include a program in another version (version minimum / sms, other versions)
  4. The problem resulting from the information contained in the section "CAUTION / NOTES" in the manual.