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your data back

If you need quick and effective recovery of data
from pendrive, memory card (SD, xD, CF, MS, MMC...),
hard disk drive or other data media,
StrongRecovery is the best choice.

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Easy to use interface, comprehensive data analysis, intelligent work of application...

This makes you feel as everything is simple.

Download StrongRecovery...

- Recover data from various data media

- Recover data where there is no access

- Recover data from disk after format

- Recover data from "RAW DISK" (no access to files)

- Recover data lost accidentally...

Download StrongRecovery...

"Excellent for SD-card recovery"

See my SD card with failed partition with no hassle. Very Easy GUI, Filter to specify type of files (Audio, Video, Doc).

Great Proggie, powerful recovery, very easy interface.


StrongRecovery is indented to assist computer users in recovering lost or accidentally erased data from their hard drive, as well as other storage mediums, such as memory cards, portable or multimedia devices.

Data loss might be the result of a system crash or a hardware failure, but with the help of this application, you can retrieve lost files and create backups in order to prevent such situations from repeating.

The wizard-like interface of StrongRecovery aims to make the recovery process as comfortable as possible. It guides you through all the necessary steps, from choosing the drive to analyze, viewing the recoverable files and filtering the content to starting the file retrieval process.

StrongRecovery provides support for multiple file system types, including NTFS, FAT32 / FAT16 / FAT12, Ext2 / Ext3, ReiserFS, HPFS and EXFAT. It is capable of recovering encrypted, protected, or compressed files and handles data retrieval in case of boot sector damage.

Users can save the current recovery session and reload the process at a later time. It is advisable not to create or modify files on the drive that is currently scanned, since data might get overwritten or lost.

A wide and variate range of files can be scanned and recovered using this application. From multimedia formats to executable and archives, office documents, libraries, disk images, email databases and registry entries, you can have it all back with StrongRecovery.

With its intuitive, neatly organized interface, StrongRecovery comes in handy to users who want to undelete files and folders on any storage device. Whether you experienced a hard drive failure or lost important data during disk formatting, this application can provide a starting point in getting those files back.

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Main features of StrongRecovery - data recovery software for Windows







 StrongRecovery version history (2020.11.05):
  • Update of Turkish Language (Translation Update) (2020.11.05):
  • Added ADF format (ARIS Document Format) in RAW Recovery Engine
  • Added deleted ADF file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Added deleted STL, MSI, VSD file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes (2020.10.08):
  • Added PE5 format (SonelPE5 Protocol) in RAW Recovery Engine
  • Added deleted PE5 file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Added deleted MDB, MSI, VSD file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Added deleted MAX file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Added deleted RVT file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Added deleted RW2, RAW, ORF, ARW, SRF, SR2 file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Added deleted CRM file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Added deleted CR2, CRW, DNG, TIF, RAF file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Added deleted XLSX, PPTX file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes (2020.08.13):
  • Added CRM format (Cinema RAW Light format) in RAW Recovery Engine
  • Added deleted CRM file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Support of recovery RAW files greater than 4 GB (files to recover+)
  • Fix of RAF detection in RAW Recovery Engine
  • Fix of TIF detection in RAW Recovery Engine
  • Added deleted MKV file detection in FAT/EXFAT volumes
  • Fix of image disk loading
  • Changes in MTS file analysis (RAW Recovery Engine) (2020.07.10):
  • Extended FAT file naming (guessing the first letter of FAT short file name from several known file names) (2020.07.03):
  • Added FAT/EXFAT deleted 3GP file detection (2020.06.18):
  • Changes in FAT/EXFAT deleted file detection (File recovery from SD Card, Pendrive) (2020.06.12):
  • Changes in RAW Recovery Engine (2020.06.04):
  • Added new Formats in RAW Recovery Engine:
    • XAR (XARA Vector File)
    • TEX (LaTeX Document) (2020.05.28):
  • Added new NTFS Partition Detection at the Physical Disk Scan Level (DEEP DETECT)
  • Fix in Partition Listing at initialization (2020.05.21):
  • Fix in RAW Recovery Engine (data overflows in MP4, MOV, MTS, MPG) (2020.05.14):
  • Added new Formats in RAW Recovery Engine:
    • DWF (Design Web Format)
    • VWX (Vectorworks Design File)
    • STEP (STEP 3D Model)
    • IGS (IGES / Initial Graphics Exchange Specification Drawing File) (2020.05.09):
  • Volume / Partition Detection improvements
  • Added MA (Maya 3D Object File) to RAW Recovery Engine (2020.05.05):
  • New NTFS Volume Detection (issues with partition overwrite)
  • Added new Formats in RAW Recovery Engine:
    • 3MF (3D Manufacturing Format)
    • STL (3D Printing Stereolithography)
    • SH3D (Sweet Home 3D)
  • Changes in ZIP file analysis (RAW Recovery Engine) (2020.04.22):
  • Naming JPG RAW files based on their data (Exif)
  • Added WRL format (VRML World) in RAW Recovery Engine
  • Fix of NTFS Scan Initialization (2020.04.17):
  • Added new Formats in RAW Recovery Engine:
    • KMZ (Google Earth Saved Working Session File)
    • X (DirectX 3D Object File)
    • CD (Cult3D 3D Object File)
    • DAE (COLLADA 3D Object File)
    • DXF (AutoCAD / CAD Data File Format) (2020.04.08):
  • Added new Formats in RAW Recovery Engine:
    • 3DS (Autodesk 3DS Max)
    • BLEND (Blender Foundation 3D Object File)
    • OBJ (Wavefront 3D Object File)
    • 3DM (Robert McNeel & Associates 3D Object File)
    • C4D (MAXON Computer / Cinema 4D - 3D Object File)
    • FBX (Kaydara 3D Object File / Blender FBX Exporter)
  • Faster analysis of text data (text files and other files based on text) in RAW Recovery Engine
  • Fixes in RAW Recovery Engine (correction of data cut or skip) (2020.04.03):
  • Added RVT (Revit) to RAW Recovery Engine
  • Optimization of RAW Recovery Engine (faster header recognition)
  • Fix of analysis MTS in RAW Recovery Engine (stream tracking)
  • Fix of analysis KDBX in RAW Recovery Engine (various file versions)
  • Fix of analysis PFX in RAW Recovery Engine (various file types)
  • Fix of analysis RAR, ZIP and other files in RAW Recovery Engine (continous data analyze)
  • Other fixes, improvements and optimization changes in RAW Recovery Engine
  • Fix of session load problem (cannot find a disk) (2020.03.14):
  • Naming RAW files based on their data: HTML, VCPROJ, SLN, DSW, DSP
  • Fix in the file list loading progress window
  • Handling of disconnected devices or devices with communication break
  • Fix for generating thumbnails in the pop-up window
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements (2019.12.06):
  • New support for creating damaged disk images StrongRecovery - creating image of damged disk with skipping sectors - SKIP x2 algorithm
    • One-time skip algorithm
    • Circular skip algorithm
    • "SKIP x2" automatic skip algorithm
    • Log of events related to image creation (the ability to save and view in TXT)
    • Monitoring the number of read errors and the amount of skipped data
    • Image continuation with truncation of redundant data (data addition without alignment)
  • GUI changes
    • New image creation window with skip options
    • The use of "smooth" progress bars in some places
  • Correction in RAW analysis for WAV files (including WAV with "fmt", "bext" and other sub headers) (2020.09.26):
  • Fixes in "IMAGE CREATING"
    • Fixed refreshing while device status changed (stop refresh)
    • Fix while source disk disconeect
    • Fix while output disk disconeect
    • Refresh of view sector number when bad sectors are read
  • IMAGE data can now be continued in selected file (2020.02.21):
  • Optimized graphic processing
  • Fixes in graphic viewing
  • Other small fixes (2018.09.24):
  • New model of RAW picture anaylze (more results)
  • Faster thumbnail image processing
  • New and faster Thumbnail Viewer
  • Viewing of RAW Pictures
  • Changes in RAW Analysis Engine
  • Changes in UI:
    • Highlighting of statusbar icon buttons
    • New icons / buttons in explore window (tree view, explorer mode view) (2018.08.10):
  • Facebook integration with UI
  • Visual chnages in UI (2018.08.08):
  • New rules for available versions
  • Small fixes (2018.05.18):
  • FIX in RAW Analysis of ZIP files (file cutting)
  • Changes in RAW Analysis for MPEG files
  • Changes in RAW Analysis for MTS files
  • Added SOLIDWORKS formats (SLDASM, SLDPRT) in RAW Analysis
  • Added IronCAD format (ICS) in RAW Analysis
  • Added CAXA Draft format (EXB) in RAW Analysis
  • Added MPEG Transport Stream (TS) in RAW Analysis
  • Added Material Exchange Format (MXF) in RAW Analysis
  • Small fixes in user interface
  • Other fixes (2018.03.13):
  • Changes in interface
  • Optimization changes
  • Added new languages (ukrainian, russian)
  • Other small changes and fixes (2017.11.24):
  • New method of activation (by opening keyfile / license)
  • New interface of installer
  • Silent updates of previous versions (without information about changes, some features add and change) (2016.11.28):
  • Fix of "RECOVER (JOIN FILES)" option (2016.11.12):
  • Changes in popup image thumbnail viewer
  • Fix of auto-path generation for some virtual folders
  • Fix of session loading in explorer after processing of physical drive
  • Other fixes and improvements (2016.11.01):
  • SKP (Skethcup Model File) added in RAW Analysis
  • PFI (PhotoFiltre Image File) added in RAW Analysis
  • PSPIMAGE (Paint Shop Pro Image File) added in RAW Analysis
  • Some memory optimization changes in RAW Engine (2016.08.29):
  • Fix of duplicating JPG with DQT start
  • Fix of NDW format (garbage data filtering)
  • Other fixes and improvements (2016.07.09):
  • Changes in RAW engine (data join/strip problem for PDF, JPG, INDD)
  • Recogntion of IDML format (Adobe Indesign Markup Language) in RAW Analysis
  • Added NDW format (Allplan Drawing File / Nemetschek A.G.) into RAW analysis
  • Filtering of some texts (" /" - skipping PDF data in TXT) (2016.06.25):
  • Fix in analyze of 3GP in RAW Analysis
  • Additional XML recogntion - "<xml" (without "?")
  • Filtering of some texts (memory economy)
  • LWO (LightWave Object) and LWS (LightWave 3D Scene) formats added in RAW Analysis
  • XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) format recogntion in RAW Analysis
  • Fix in TreeView Control: viewing of nodes of formats
  • Fix in TreeView Control: NTFS ROOT expand on first results
  • Fix in RAW Analysis of TIFF/RAW images (2016.04.29):
  • Faster analyze of JPG in RAW Engine
  • Added turkish language
  • Small fixes (2016.02.16):
  • Improved MP3 detection in RAW analysis engine (ID3v2.4, first frame catch)
  • Fix of "not visible" elements/nodes in files to recover+ (RAW analysis) (2016.01.31):
  • Faster creation of disk image
  • RAW File Recovery fix (bad dates after dump / previous mod fix) 2015.11.23):
  • File recovery with file date (modification date)
  • Added CAB format (Microsoft Cabinet) into RAW analisis
  • Some other improvements and small fixes (2015.10.06):
  • Fixes in NTFS processing (NTFS file records)
  • Some other small fixes (2015.08.07):
  • Changes in correction algorithm of file size in RAW analysis (files to recover+)
  • Changes in handling of drives where not found FAT16 / FAT32 file system (2015.07.21):
  • Some fixes (2015.05.27):
  • Added MAX format (3DS MAX Scene) into RAW analysis
  • Changes in handling of ADOBE formats (PDF, AI - Adobe Illustrator) in RAW analysis
  • Changes in handling of CDR format (Corel Draw) in RAW analysis
  • Changes in subpartitions search (rejecting of partitions with small size - boot partitions) (2015.05.05):
  • Mounting of NTFS Volume ("Tools" button)
  • There is now possible to switch RAW analysis (drive settings) (2015.04.21):
  • Added MOV/QuickTime format in RAW analysis
  • Changes in MP4 format in RAW analysis (2015.03.22):
  • New algorithm of disk search
  • Changes in search of partitions
  • Other fixes (2015.02.12):
  • Change in report log of read error
  • Change in collection of JPG in RAW analysis
  • Added KST format in RAW analysis (kosztorysy Norma PRO)
  • Other small fixes (2015.01.22):
  • Explorer fix (tree and path update)
  • Some fixes (2015.01.15):
  • Some fixes (2015.01.13):
  • Update checking
  • Small fixes in interface (2015.01.09):
  • New compilator (optimization) (2015.01.02):
  • Small fixes in GUI (interface)
  • Other changes in application (2014.12.26):
  • New Install/Setup (2014.12.16):
  • Changes in interface/GUI (new icons) (2014.12.07):
  • "File join" option, it is possible to join fragments of MPG, MTS (AVCHD) now (2014.11.27):
  • Added MTS/AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) in RAW engine

  • Changes in protection model
  • Changes in calculation of sectors per cluster in NTFS
  • Changes in refreshing of directory tree (2014.08.29):
  • New model of tree organization
  • Some fixes in data recovery engine (2014.08.28):
  • Additional detection and analyze of digital camera RAW image formats (based on TIF):
    • SRF, SR2 (Sony)
    • MOS (Aptus, Mamiya)
    • NRW (Nikon Coolpix)
    • K25, DCR (Kodak) (2014.08.28):
  • Detection and analyze of digital camera RAW image formats (based on TIF):
    • 3FR (Hasselblad)
    • ARW (Sony)
    • CR2, CRW (Canon)
    • DNG (Canon, Leica, Pentax, Ricoh and others, also cell phones like Nokia Lumia)
    • ERF (Epson)
    • KDC (Kodak)
    • MEF (Mamiya)
    • MRW (Minolta)
    • NEF (Nikon)
    • ORF (Olympus)
    • PEF (Pentax)
    • RAF (Fuji)
    • RAW, RW2 (Panasonic)
    • SRW (Samsung)
    • X3F (Polaroid)