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your data back

If you need quick and effective recovery of data
from pendrive, memory card (SD, xD, CF, MS, MMC...),
hard disk drive or other data media,
StrongRecovery is the best choice.

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Easy to use interface, comprehensive data analysis, intelligent work of application...

This make you feel as everything is simple.

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- Recover data from various data media

- Recover data where there is no access

- Recover data from disk after format

- Recover data from "RAW DISK" (no access to files)

- Recover data lost accidentally...

Download StrongRecovery...

Data Recovery / How to recover data (photos, files) from HDD, pendrive, external drive or memory card?

    1. Choose the drive where data was deleted using startup select drive window:

    2. After processing of partition header information (MFT/FAT processing) you'll see explorer window. Use this window to explore paths/folders with deleted data:


    3. Now you can select files and folders to recovery. Choose "Recovery" option from main menu or popup menu (right click of mouse button), choose drive/folder where you want to save lost data:


    4. StrongRecovery scans disk to search for RAW files (files to recover +). After scanning of drive or when you're sure there are no more results, you may save the content of this virtual folder (some of files in this folder may be not present in file system because entries of them have been wiped or overwritten).