File to download Version Size Publish date Download
  StrongRecovery 4,42 MB 17.11.2021 Download

Due to the use of a new certificate for code signature and its propagation, the Microsoft SmartScreen Filter informs about downloading an "unknown source" file (CODE WITH NEW SIGN / CERTIFICATE is not propagated) and SmartScreen issues the message: "Windows protected your PC".

To run the installer, click on "More info" and then on the "Run anyway" button

If you downloading via Microsoft Edge, please report the application as safe (option from the ellipsis)

The problem refers to files that are downloaded from the table below (direct links)

File to download Version Size Publish date Download
  StrongRecovery - DIRECT DOWNLOAD 4,42 MB 17.11.2021 Download
  StrongRecovery Portable 4,68 MB 17.11.2021 Download
   StrongRecovery ZIP 4,42 MB 17.11.2021 Download
  VM Data Recovery 4,81 MB 08.10.2017 Download
  MultiExtractor 3,90 MB 10.01.2018 Download


Please do NOT download, create and modify files on the drive, where files are to be recovered, data may be overwritten and file entries (names, allocation info) may be lost. If you lost data on the current system drive, please shutdown the active system and launch another.

Please wait approx. 1 min., if files were deleted now (system cache).